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    Revalation is probably the vaguest book in the Bible. Surprise, surprise. I tried to read it again. Tried. I don't think anyone can successfully plod through that book understanding it in its entirety, no matter the notes they jot down or the inspirations they have. What is God saying in this...
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    The Jews killed Christ!

    Absolutely just an eyegrabber. There's a lot going on against modern Judaism and modern Christianity, namely that they still hate each other. Oh, sure, you're going to deny that, but it's the truth, and my question is this: why are we in this animosity still? Jews, for the most part, deny...
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    Who's righteous? HIM? Ha!

    This is going to be a long, cynical post, so bear with me or don't bear at all. Y'know...I have to wonder about the "righteousness" of people in the Bible, and sometimes the righteousness of actions of God. A girl got me to questioning that with some interesting arguments. So there's Adam, and...
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    HL2 Q's

    Should I buy the Radeon9600 and have a free copy of HL2 reserved...or buy a Radeon9800Pro and say "Whatevah" to any prospects of an HL2, or WAIT until more deals come out as an actual date for HL2 shipment comes out, and more dealers scramble to get their hands on HL2 deals? Geez, it's...
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    I find that when I sit alone and think about nothing in particular, I drift into uncharted waters of the mind and perhaps into thoughts that could not quite be categorized as "in the subjection of God's will". Sometimes, I try to think about God, and that makes me feel unspeakably better, of...
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    Anyone familiar with the HP Lovecraft demon cast? I seriously have spiritual trouble reading this guy. If that is happening, should I be reading him? Also, Stephen King has had at least two stories I've read that deal with this same demon HP "made up". One was called Gramma, about a lady who...
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    Baldur's Gate

    ANyone love this series as much as I do? From the shallow roots of the Bhaalspawn storyline to the Dark Alliance series, I love this game. Not only has Drizzt appeared in each, but the story compels me to go through it all. The Dark Alliances are massive console games that span HUGE levels of...
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    What's the Deal, Yo?

    Pascal's Wager. Bugs me out of my head. If you just become a Christian for the heck of avoiding eternal condemnation, on the slight possibility it exists, then where is the whole faith crap? You're just doing it to save your hide. How does that equate to actually working out as a true...
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    "Help me..." NiN

    Allrightie. I'm ticked. I'm majorly ticked. Frigging free will or predestination, for the last f'ing time. WHAT should I believe? My views on having everything programmed out from the beginning means that God not only knew that evil would enter the world, but rigged it so that evil WOULD enter...
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    There's too much stuff going on in the world for me to accept it's all just coincidence...China having some interior development (meaning roads across China...meaning the Kings of the East will travel the roads to Israel...I dunno how THAT works, or where such a prophecy is to be found)...Iran...
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    Peter Pan

    Has anyone seen this movie? I saw it day after its Christmas release, and today (well...yesterday to be precise). It is a masterpiece. Beautifully done. Well worth whatever you pay for it. It took its spot above Return of the King. I smiled unbidden throughout the movie, and it gave me immense...
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    Hating to burst the bubble of security and high-strung tension and nerves and relaxation gained from my, ahem, absence, I however feel it is my necesssary duty to claim to the rest of the world of CGA that Ultima Avatar, he does remain alive.
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    Hey dudes

    Okay just answer that question and life is good. Chose not to make a poll, because, frankly, I missed the poll button and hit the topic. But discussing it instead of giving a yes or no is better.
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    Where'd SLAM go?

    If he disappeared...oops. If he's busy since he's in the Coast Guard that's cool but all of a sudden he's just not here as far as I can see.
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    What happened to Eon?

    I haven't seen hide nor hair of this dude lately. Did he quit us or something?
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    Baldur's Gate Two

    Has anyone ever played this game? It is so cool! The story is much more detailed and involving than the first. It's pretty dang awesome. Spells galore, cool weapons, the countryside and cities and places and histories and tales and encounters straight from the Forgotten Realms themselves...
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    What happened to timor?

    Dang I've been waiting for a return private message from the dude, which he sent me like a month ago when he wanted to notify me about something he noticed of me...and now he's not even around here anymore! What happened to Timor?
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    Message of the spirit?

    Okay. Last Sunday, at my church, some new members from a different church, I'm guessing some kind of Assembly of God, caused a major disruption. A pastor among them, got up, asked for the mike from our pastor and started talking to us about a message he's got, something about problems in our...
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    Ain't got no church of christ

    I have some problems with the Church of Christ... If I am learned correctly, they say that I can lose my salvation by sin....doesn't that kinda negate the whole "Jesus came to earth to die for our sins" thing, you know, that big part of Christian doctrine? Also, they think that baptism is...
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    Satan's doom averted...?

    Just a thought: what if Satan asked God for redemption for all his sins? God has that power? I realize that Jesus Christ God came down to die for the humans, but if the spirits have (had?) a will to choose whether or not to serve God, why can't Satan suck it up, walk up to God's throne, as we...