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    I am frustrated.

    King David didn't have the right gear. King David didn't have correct spec's King David didn't even have the best weapon. What he did have was an understanding of the person and principles of God. When he followed those principles, David won. When he didn't follow those principles, David...
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    :eek:Happy Birthday ;)
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    Good News and Bad news....

    Congratulations Wall, :D ...... That is awesome news.:) Your employment is well positioned. I'm happy for you. Young
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    You gave a very BIG sacrifice. Like the Israelites that rebuilt the wall.....tool in one hand ...weapon in the other, You rebuilt Redeemed. A MIGHTY warrior.....I bow to you with pride. Robert
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    I thought it was neat also to see our names on there. Congratulations it feels good. Young
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    Quiet Time For Me

    An empty spot..........but not a chance, forgotten.......Sigh... Young
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    Happy Birthday Epic......did you blow all the candles out?
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    Avesther, Bannard,and Goblit in California

    Aw some pictures.......They look like real people...... O-O
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    Mirakle - retirement plans

    Your making the right decision. You will "blink"......and and your daughter will come up to you and say.......Can I go out with this Rogue here? Sometimes its like you can see right through him Daddy....he/s so cute. OR....the other one will say Daddy I'm 16 and I want to go out with this...
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    a parting of the ways

    You will be "SPAM" missed. Go forward "SPAM" to conquer. Leave "SPAM" no prisoners. Young "spam"
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    Team 1 bonus raid!! Thursday Night

    Mordos, Could you take me out of the line up...........I see you have plenty to replace me. Look at that Reco.....he's somewhat qualified...if you count up ALL the numbers. lol Thank, Young
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    Team 1 bonus raid!! Thursday Night

    I will join you for the evening. Young
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    Evolution of Dance - WoW Style

    That was really interesting. Give us a beat Boy........ Young
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    GAB update (Goblit, Avesther, Bannard)

    See.......God made it so that no one saw the death defying crash. What I want to know is how you got my tennis shoes Goblit.........Put up more pictures ...Love the Picture. I bet you are taller in real Young
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    Election Results

    Congratulations Treebranch we will enjoy you being our new leader. Young