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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    ToJ: Nassion GW2: Shadoe.4073
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    Anyone play Guild Wars on a Mac?

    I use crossover. It works fine, very few issues, but it does vary from machine to machine. I sometimes get quirks in the graphics where maybe some armor does not display correctly etc. but nothing that makes the game unplayable.
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    Help finishing GW1

    Nope, not looking for runs. Just trying to get some cooperative play going to help the alliance finish needed game goals. (Although I will accept donations of booze, etc.:D).
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    Help finishing GW1

    Mission wise I need Gate of Pain HM/Masters in nightfall; The Frost Gate, Divinity Coast, Riverside Province, Aurora Glade, Bloodstone Fen, The Wilds, Elona Reach, Thirsty River, HM +Bonus in prophecies; Heart of the Shiverpeaks, Battledepths, Ooze pit, Assault on the Stronghold, and a lot of...
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    Help finishing GW1

    Is there any interest in helping others finish goals in GW1 as we prepare for GW2? I know I have a handfull of hardmode missions left, vanquishing, and titles to work on.
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    SoE/SOE Summer 2012 Cape Contest!

    I missed it? Oh well, so much for pulling an entry together.
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    Canthan New Year 2012

    I think I have a truffle on one of my chars.
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    SoE/SOE Bi-Annual Cape Contest! Summer 2011!

    This is a design based on the Celtic trinity symbol. It's repeated 4 times in a circle.
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    SoE/SOE Bi-Annual Cape Contest! Summer 2011!

    I'm working on one right now, what time do the entries close?
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    New Contest

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    Dragon Festival

    When is the festival? or more importantly, do we get hats?
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    SoE/SOE Bi-annual Cape Contest!!!

    When does the voting start?
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    SoE/SOE Bi-annual Cape Contest!!!

    I did the same thing.
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    SoE/SOE Bi-annual Cape Contest!!!

    Ok, Here is my submission