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    New! Stats!

    we'll be admining more often, schools almost over for me! i'll be on like everyday over the summer :)
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    Proposal: PureFun/ToJ Counter-Strike Source Server

    oi and did i mention the randomness? lol, i need to learn the good cmds for settings etc, goose u kno any?
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    Proposal: PureFun/ToJ Counter-Strike Source Server

    i'm in, i'm still not all that much of a source fan, cause it seemed to take away the basic playability of 1.6 but i still play it every now and then
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    I thought my days were over...

    aye haha friendly fire can be ur enemy at times haha, a 1:1 ratio used to be the norm, lately i've been happy to just get frags, even though it does end up in a nicely positive record :)
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    Your opinion on the ToJ CS server

    agreed with Tek7, i have a laxer schedule wit school now so i will try to get on and admin, also i have cs on my laptop so if there's ever any problem its usually easy to get in touch with admins through various IM programs etc. I am almost always online even if my away message is up. If there...
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    eerr sorry for my hiatus, college has not treated me so well lately, i'm game for being more involved :)
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    Suggestions for Map Cycle Configuration

    question where is de_inferno? thats a great map! :(
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    New CS Co-Leader

    such a funky ip address lol, i'll play some tonight after work ha
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    wow i have to check back here more often, college start has been rough :(, i'm a former admin if ya'll still need admins :)
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    i agree with parakletos on that factor as , i have also noticed that general preference seems to be for CS 1.6, Also even though the Graphics in Source DO look better, the game play aspect of Source has diminished the whole fun factor of cs1.6 for many, don't get me wrong i Still do play source...
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    New goose62 movie

    Xel another lost member of the good ole times!!!!!
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    i was wondering about that, hope we can get enough people to show up, i'll be there hopefully, course my family makes plans on the fly, we'll hafta see, i think we needed a lil more warning [>_<]
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    New goose62 movie

    flash u even play cs anymore? where's the albert of old eh? lol
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    Okay people so far we have 3 team members where is everybody!!! lol dunno bout u but playing CAL matches with 3 people is kinda difficult haha
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