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    Satan must be busy

    Yes, and you need to understand that when the Bible gives Satan titles like that, it is demonstrating not that he has ultimate authority. It is conveying the idea that Satan himself rules over the unbelieving world in a specific way. The unbeliever follows Satan's agenda. According to 2...
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    I AM perfect!

    aka Ash: I would say that while it might seem that way to you and I, only God truly knows a persons' heart and many people that we think are holy are truly not, and those whom we think are wretched might be the ones truly exalted in God's eyes. Zeena: I'm afraid that you misunderstood some of...
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    Satan must be busy

    The answer: it is both, one is simply a more descriptive title than the other. Prince of this world: well what is a prince? A prince is one who has limited power under a king. And since we know that God is the ultimate king (the King of Kings) then we can conclude that God has power over Satan...
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    I AM perfect!

    I agree that as followers of Christ we should not be in bondage to sin any longer. However that does not make us perfect any more than hitting a bulls-eye once makes us a perfect archer. It is a lifelong and daily process to die to sin. The letters of Paul make this quite clear. Paul was most...
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    Christian Forums In General

    What you have been noticing in forums is simply the latest symptom of a much larger problem. Without sounding preachy, people today do not want to be corrected... they can't handle it. They simply want to live however they live and be told how everything is alright. Any type of rebuke (even a...
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    Satan must be busy

    The devil, Satan. He is called that and elsewhere in the Bible he is called the "prince of this world" because of the great interest he has in this world, as well as the homage that is paid to him by many people in this world, and the great influence that he exercises in the world, and in the...
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    Taunting about Loneliness is not good.

    Caleb, Are you asking because of an incident that occured? Or is this just a general inquiry? If someone has been taunting you personally I woud like to discuss it.
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    Youth Exodus from Church: What Are We Doing Wrong?

    Some interesting points made in that article, and some I agree with and others I don't. It's important to understand that not all youth are ready for the adult services in most churches, some are but some aren't. This makes it very difficult when devising a youth program. I've seen...
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    Interest in Unreal Tournament 2007?

    I already know my current system can not run it and I refuse to upgrade for any game.
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    Should Christians listen to "secular" music?

    I recommend the MD-100 Media Destroyer ($75 USD). It can shred whole CD's, floppy disks, credit cards and other hard materials as well as paper. Seriously if not for this device I would be buried under a mountain of CD's right now. :D
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    Should Christians listen to "secular" music?

    There are some things to consider if we as Christians are to truly make good judgment on this issue (most of which has already been covered)... Music does influence people. Whether they realize it or not, whether they believe it or not. Music has an impact. That is why advertising jingles...
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    Real Worship of Lord

    I usually don't comment on things like this, but I feel the need to do so now on the subject of blood coming out of Jesus' side when He was impaled with the spear. Please note that the Bible clearly indicates "blood and water" and from a medical standpoint this is quite sufficient to prove...
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    How about a pint o' frag down at the Pub?

    Well, I thought I was, but after checking it again, it appears that I was not. I am not sure when I became unsubscribed, but I suppose that explains it. :o
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    How about a pint o' frag down at the Pub?

    I missed it. :( For some reason I never receive e-mail updates from this board.