What Christian artists do you dig?

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by MeridianFlight, May 4, 2005.

  1. MeridianFlight

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    I'm interested as to what everybody enjoys in terms of Christian music. As I'm sure everyone knows, it's a pretty diverse field. Do you like music that is unapologetic when it comes to mentioning Christ, or are you more a fan of subtle lyrics, where it's "wink, nudge, wink" to those who know and those who don't are (hopefully) left curious as to what the artist is referring to?
  2. Killerah

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    I like both, though I'd prefer an unpologetic approach, sometimes the subtle kind is pretty cool too. I enjoy a wide variety of artists. Everything from indie to death metal (only christian music of course). If you want me to list a bunch of artists I like then say the word.
  3. MeridianFlight

    MeridianFlight New Member

    Please do list the bands you like.

    What about bands that have made that sort of transition from unapologetic to subtle? Sort of like Skillet (Has anyone seen the music video to "Savior"? Talk about perplexing. Domestic abuse?) and Pillar recently I believe with "Where Do We Go From Here".

    Then there's Anberlin...
  4. Killerah

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    Ok, for bands that have gone from unapologetic to subtle, Calibretto 13 is a big one. They used to be one of the most unapologetic bands ever, now they just sing about psychos and weird stuff. There's more to it than that, but I'd rather not go into it right now. For bands that I like alot, here we go.

    The Agony Scene (Not christian anymore, so I won't buy their new CD)
    As I Lay Dying
    Blaster the Rocketman
    !BNB! All Stars
    Brave Saint Saturn
    Calibretto 13
    The Chariot
    Craig's Brother
    The Deal
    Demon Hunter
    The Dingees
    Disciple (old stuff)
    Every New Day
    Five Iron Frenzy (my favorite band)
    Flatfoot 56
    Hannover Saints
    Haste The Day
    Havalina Rail Co. (you can get the full CD of Russian Lullabies from thier website www.havalinaland.com)
    He Is Legend
    Holy Blood (even though they don't sing in english)
    The Insyderz
    Living Sacrifice
    Lucerin Blue
    Nodes of Ranvier
    Norma Jean
    Officer Negative
    Project 86
    Relient K (yeah, I like them despite the fact that the internet thinks they stink)
    Saviour Machine
    Slick Shoes
    Squad 5-0
    Stretch Arm Strong
    Training For Utopia
    Underoath (older is better)
    Virgin Black
    Zippy Josh and the Ragtag Band

    I like more than that too, but not as much as those listed.

    EDIT: To anyone who saw the 3 band list, it submitted before I was done, and I didn't realize it.
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  5. Killerah

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    Oh, and back to this topic being about bands that go from unapologetic to subtle, Squad 5-0 is a great example of that kind of thing. In their second CD (which, unless you like punk with ska influences, don't get) they're praising the Lord, and all that jazz. It even has some pictures of them praying in a church and stuff like that in the booklet. Now if you go to their website at http://www.squadfive-o.com/music.asp , you can read the lyrics to their new songs like "Bye American" where they say the s-word, and of course they also sing about sex and other secular topics. It's sad to see bands that were once so hardcore for Christ sink down this far. And their style has changed dramatically since they were punk-ska. Now they're more like glam-rock.
  6. l33tben

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    All hardcore/metal bands for me...except the ones thats suck
  7. Killerah

    Killerah New Member

    Awesome man, can you list a few? I'm curious.
  8. B-man

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