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Yup it's out of date. I'll try to remember to find some time to update the stuff. Atm I'm in a hot hurry to work on my map before the 20th due date.

Do you want to be listed as an admin Peek? I mean you have full admin but I didn't go through my "official" process as I've known you for ages. It was more of a I trust you and I know what grief women get on the internet than a you can bug Peek if you need an admin thing.

Hmmm I wonder if I should add links to admin Steam profiles...

The map list is the last thing I've been working on, quite recently too, but it doesn't track edits (Edit: wait it does, March 8, but I've worked on it since then I just didn't need to change it yet). Still it's about 1/4 done XD.
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Sure, sign me up! I was curious who all has Admin for the server anyway. If you need some Ghosts Busted... who you gonna call? Call the Admins! :D;) As far as the Links to Admin Steam Profiles, I have no clue if that would be really cool or really bad. Maybe ask the others what they think in game on Tuesdays. Thx Gerbil for all your time! :D