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  1. Kendrik

    Kendrik Well-Known Member

    Hit me up for D2 goodness: KendrikTheRed

    Welcome to CGA. Be sure to join our Discord. It's fun stuff.

    What industry are you an IT manager in? I was a systems development specialist for a seminary, and am now a systems consultant for them.
  2. rubyroids

    rubyroids New Member

    Thanks! I'll try to hop on Discord this evening. I work in the interior design/home improvement industry. Technically, my full job title is Director of Web Technologies, but I find it easier to just say I'm an IT manager (with a large amount of ancillary roles, ha!).
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    XEKUTER New Member

    Hey Guys. I go by the name XEKUTER but u can just call me X. I'm 34 years old. I work as an accountant.

    Im a Christian YouTube Video Game Reviewer, Game-play Commentator and Live Streamer. Please check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel here :

    I founded United Christian Gamers clan in June 2013 for the PlayStation. We're now on PS4. Add me on there to join. My psn Id is XEKUTER_50

    I play Mainly Call of Duty, but I do play GTA and other action games too. I also switch it up and play other genres at times. Ive been gaming since the NES days with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Contra, Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario, Duck Hunt, just to name a few. Other systems Ive owned are SNES, SEGA, N64, PS1, PS2, XBOX, PS3, PC, and now PS4. Im just your typical gamer.
  4. The Mighty Gerbil

    The Mighty Gerbil Tribe of Judah TF 2 Chapter Leader & CGA Admin Staff Member

    Welcome to the forums :) . Also after looking through his videos he forgot to mention he has a cat video. Just throwing the important stuff out there <kidding> :p.

    XEKUTER New Member

    Lol yes that's my boy Tabby. Glad u like it
  6. KyleRansford

    KyleRansford New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I'm a game developer and Twitch streamer. I've started back on Twitch after awhile! I usually stream retro games and will start streaming Nintendo games soon! I have a goal of 50 followers right now, if you like retro and Nintendo games give me a follow at I'll follow back until I get 50 followers! Just comment your username so I'll know who you are. Currently I've been streaming the NES Mega Man games. Also, I might be streaming some of the progress of a retro style game I'm working on soon!
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  7. Kendrik

    Kendrik Well-Known Member

    Game developer, eh? Nice. What's your dev studio/website?

    I'll hit you with a follow. I love me some Mega Man. It's great stuff. :D

    Welcome to the forum. Be sure to hit up our Discord, too. It's generally more active than the forums for general chatter these days. :)
  8. KyleRansford

    KyleRansford New Member

    Thanks for the follow! I followed back!

    I'm still working on the game studio website. I have a few names for it, but I'm seeing how they sound before anything official.
  9. Atown

    Atown Christian Gamers Alliance Amazon Store Manager

    dude that sounds like a ton of phone. I own a web marketing company and we build alot of sites, but most of them are kind of boring.

    i feel like you get to have waaay more creative fun with a game studio :)

    what are you coding/building in?
  10. KyleRansford

    KyleRansford New Member

    It is alot of fun! I'm using C# in Unity.
    I'm sort of a beginner at Unity and C# but, I've been taking tutorials and watching YouTube videos.
  11. EDAC

    EDAC Moderator


    So, I'm getting back into the swing of PC gaming. I was one of the leaders over at CC for quite a while, and I have a TON of hours in TF2 (the game where you'll be most likely to find me) :) I took a break for a while, but I'm deciding to do a little more PC gaming and to get reconnected with folks here. (As far as I know, I am technically still a ToJ member :) )
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  12. Daedious

    Daedious New Member

    Welcome back brother. We all gotta take that break at some point
  13. BlockHeadLewie

    BlockHeadLewie Moderator

    Been so long I almost feel obligated to say hello again. In fact I think I will!
    I read somewhere that we may make the plans, but it's God who directs our steps.
    Well I had planned to be a valuable asset to CGA as well as my own group (Prism/CCGR). However things went slightly sour in our normal lifestyle causing the loss of internet.
    I'm back now and can't wait to see what God has in store for me!
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  14. The Mighty Gerbil

    The Mighty Gerbil Tribe of Judah TF 2 Chapter Leader & CGA Admin Staff Member

    Welcome back stranger :) .

    I don't discord much myself but it seems like some of the forum activity has moved over there . Just an FYI :).
  15. BlockHeadLewie

    BlockHeadLewie Moderator

    So a few of us keep the home fires burning I guess!
    I never really got deep into the computer race. Couldn't really afford it to be honest, let alone my, erm, blockheadedness with modern technology. Now give me a computer running on DOS and I may do well. I'm actually lucky enough to understand and use what I do have! LoL!
    We'll see what we can do...

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