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  1. Hawkee
    We live in a broken world, and we remain unshaken-
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  2. Sojourner
    STILL just a wayfaring stranger ...
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  3. Serena Kitchen
    Serena Kitchen
    Help wanted for trial clan. (posted in General Discussion)
  4. Tek7
    Forums upgraded to 1.5.13!
  5. Starr
    I can't believe how old this account is and that it is still around. So happy! ^_^
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    2. Tek7
      Welcome back!
      Mar 22, 2017
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  6. Tek7
    New forum style is live! Want to switch back? Look in the lower-left corner of any forum page for the Style Chooser and click on it. Easy!
  7. Tek7
    Just ordered a Steam controller + carrying case for $35 shipped on Amazon (with Prime). Est. delivery 11/28. Hype!
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  8. Tek7
    OVERWATCH IS SO MUCH FUN. I know $5 off + some trivial digital goodies isn't a good sale, but this may be my Christmas present from @Ember
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    2. Eltolad
      Sweet. I went ahead with the digital copy. Faster/easier to get it "shipped" here. I recently started getting back into Hearthstone and I'm looking at HotS as well.

      On a positive note, I've got some holidays coming up from work, and I hope I can join TF2 Tuesday (Wednesday morning for me)!
      Nov 25, 2016
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    3. The Mighty Gerbil
      The Mighty Gerbil
      Nov 26, 2016
    4. The Mighty Gerbil
      Nov 26, 2016
  9. Kendrik
    Is IRC still used by anyone here for CGA/TOJ?
    1. Tek7
      Nope. I abandoned the channel when interest fizzled. Discord is the new text-based synchronous communication method of choice!
      Nov 14, 2016
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    2. The Mighty Gerbil
      The Mighty Gerbil
      I think I used IRC like once, and even then reluctantly, in all the time we had one. I'm not much for instant chats. Too much of a chance I'd say something which would be misconstrued or spell "soiree" wrong XD.
      Nov 17, 2016
  10. Sheilah
    Call me bless
  11. Kendrik
    My computer was overheating and smelled of computer death. I gambled on it being the PSU. Replaced it. Works like a champ. Yay! :D
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  12. Kendrik
    I am officially signed up for a match-made fantasy pro wrestling league. I may like wrestling a little bit. >.>
  13. Kendrik
    Site's loading again for me! Hooray!
  14. Kendrik
    That feel when you realize you didn't bring your tablet to work, so you don't have access to your already-downloaded media. Nuuuu.
  15. acelaserdart
    @Kendrik thats a good thought, but i dont think so...maybe?
  16. Kendrik
    (Can't figure out how to reply to a post, so...) Or does it put it in the same classification as fruitcake?
  17. acelaserdart
    if a tomato is a fruit...does that make pizza a breed or a fruit? think about it.
  18. acelaserdart
    Sold 11 pallets worth of watermelons in 1 week, You people love your fruit dont you?
  19. Kendrik
    Feeling controversial: I'm becoming more comfortable thinking Metal Gear Solid is the most impressive and important series in gaming today.
  20. Tek7
    I finished the Yakuza 5 taxi missions last night! Huzzah! Now back to the main story...
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